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Pillow Talk

With Valentines Day just around the corner, I thought this to be a cute play on words!  I am actually surprised that I thought of it!  Anyway, for this layout, I used a photo of this awesome fuzzy red heart that I gave Miss Abigail last year for Valentines Day.  I have this habit of taking pictures of things like this and thank goodness that I do!

The template I used is from the “Block On Template Collection” created by Blue Heart Scraps.  It can be found here and the kit is “Be Still My Heart” also by Blue Heart Scraps.  It can be found here.

Another week of Chaos….

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you just wanted to stop everything and just … lie down, say a prayer and go to sleep?  Maybe if you go to sleep, everything that is bothering you will be gone when you wake up, or it will just work it self out without your help.  My week started out that way, but If finally realized that it wasn’t me that was having the bad week!  No! It wasn’t me at all!  It was everyone else that was having the nightmares!  After I came to this realization, everything went perfect the rest of the week!  God is good and he is in control of EVERYTHING…most of all…he has your back no mater what is going on in your world.  All you have to do is ask him for guidance and BAMM…everything just falls into place.  We aren’t meant to go it alone.  He wants us to need him, He wants to be with us in all things.  All we have to do is ASK.  Remember that!


Bittersweet memories

Some of you that visit here may remember that I used to create my own Digital Scrapbook Kits.  I mention this because I recently dove into some of my older files and found what I like to call “Treasured Finds”. 10 years ago, I created and sold for a site called 3 Scrapateers.  Sadly, this site no longer exists but was sold to the owners of what is now My Memories.  Back in the spring of 2014, I got a wild hair and decided to create a few things again and began selling at My Memories for a short time.  When I didn’t feel right selling there I moved over with a few friends to ScrapBird.  Needless to say, that didn’t last long either.  I eventually left ScrapBird and stopped creating kits completely. But my love for Scrapbooking still lives on in the layouts that I create and post on the GingerScraps site.

So, I found this little something and I decided to post it here as a FREEBIE for all who wish to have it and hopefully find a use for it on a scrapbook page somewhere.  If you like it, just grab it at the link below but PLEASE, PLEASE do not share the link with others.  If you know someone that may wish to have it just send them here so that they can grab it for themselves.

These are word fobs that I created with one of the kits I made called “Whisper Softly”.  They are created at 300 dpi and are in .png format.  I hope that you will enjoy them and leave a comment to say as much!  Sorry, you missed the freebie!



Today was such a beautiful day!  I was actually able to get out in the yard and take some photos.  My plum trees are blooming out and some of the Azalea bushes are beginning to bloom.  Well, I only have one that actually blooms out but my brothers Azalea  bushes are the most beautiful in March and April. They line the front and sides of his yard (he lives next door to me) and I can look out the window and see the yard just bursting with color.  It is truly beautiful when they are all in bloom at the same time.  Here are a few that I gor shots of today, including the plum tree blossoms.





Freebie Alert!

I’m not sure about you, but I subscribe to several newsletters from my favorite designers and I received one this morning that I simply have to share.  Blue Heart Scraps has created a small freebie of dotted lines and she is giving it away on her Blog!  It’s an awesome freebie and these dotted lines are so useful in so many different ways!  Here’s a preview of the Freebie.  Hop on over to her Blog and grab it while you can.  While you are there sign up for her newsletter so you don’t miss out on any of the news of her upcoming new releases and chances to win! (clicking on the preview will take you directly to her blog)



I don’t need a template….

Why is it that some people think they need a template to create a great layout?  Why is it that when some designers see a beautiful layout, they automatically think that a template must have been used.  Some of us “Layout Artists” actually do know how to create a layout without using a template! I have been digital scrapbooking for 10 years and I have used the same program, or a newer version of it, for the past 9 years.  Please do not discredit my intelligence by thinking that I actually need a template to create a beautiful layout. Yes, I use a lot of templates, but I use them as a convenience and most of the time, you will find, that the finished layout actually looks nothing like the template anyway.

Templates are meant to be used as a foundation for a layout, much like any sketch would be used.  When you see a layout that you really like and decide to “Lift” it, you don’t use a template.  You create your layout based on the “idea” of the layout you are lifting. The end result may or may not look like the original, but there is no “template” involved.

Here are a few layouts that needed NO TEMPLATE, just the will to create something beautiful from an idea or a layout that I  had seen before. A few of these have previously been posted in this blog.






Jackson Square



Dew Drops

Gods Canvas

Megan's Bay


Sketch revisited

This must be the month for revisiting older layouts.  Here’s one that is dear to me.  I was thumbing through an older Simple Scrapbooks magazine one day and saw a layout that really moved me.  I decided to take one of the photos from a recent vacation with the Grandkids and see if I could recreate the layout on my own with out a template of any kind.  The layout won “Layout of the Day” at DSP.  Here it is…from February 2012…


I decided that I wanted to create this same layout in a different way, and because I love it so much, I created my own template so that I could use it again. Here is my new layout using a photo from a now more recent vacation with the Grandkids!   I used “Waters Edge” by Seatrout Scraps to create this one.