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July 2016

So, today is my birthday, July 2nd.  I actually was able to sleep in a little later this morning and while my husband was in town visiting his mother, he bought me a dozen cup cakes and a small cake to celebrate.  Then he and the kids took me out to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays.  Had a great time and the food was awesome.  Oh and also saw my mother today and shared my cup cakes with her too.  All in all, it was a great day and, thankfully, I do not feel a year older … tomorrow I might feel differently, so I will embrace it today!





Lagging a bit behind….again!

Yeah… I have managed to neglect my blog again.  I promised myself that I wasn’t going to do that, but, as usual, I got wrapped up in other things and neglected to make any new posts.  I guess that’s not such a bad thing though.  I have been to some sites, of people that I know, and they haven’t post anything in years!  I guess nearly one month isn’t as bad as I might have thought but it isn’t something that I would want to do all of the time.

So… I have myself this nifty little calendar thingy and I have it marked so that I will hopefully remember to post here more often. AND…since I have a new cell phone, maybe I can figure out how to get it to remind me.  The crazy thing does just about everything else!

Anyway, since my last visit we went on a mini vacation with the two oldest Grand kids.  I had never been to Memphis, so that’s where we went.  Now that I have been, I might venture back up that way again soon.  Nice place but it sure was hot while we were there.  We spent one whole day at the Zoo and one whole day at Graceland. We walked down Beal street and went to see the ducks at the Peabody Hotel while we were there too.  Had a great time, but my legs were ready to get back in that truck and head home!

And I just have to say this before I post some new layouts…. Kent went to Walmart and purchased a glass type cover for the front of my phone. I like to keep one on there in the rare chance that I might drop it.  I wouldn’t want to shatter the screen.  So, he comes home with it and goes to put it on my phone and ……. there is NOTHING in the box.  This makes me very angry.  My father hated a thief and I guess he taught me to be just like him.  I hate a thief… and a liar.  Those are the two biggest things that I just find it very hard to tolerate or deal with.  I have every intention of praying for the person that stole that cover and left the empty package for my husband to find… and purchase.  I hope that anyone that reads this will feel the need to do the same because that person needs lots of prayers.






Another month has come and gone!

Another month has come and gone… February was good to me.  I was able to chat with some friends on Skype that I had not talked to in several months.  It’s always nice to catch up with friends you haven’t heard from in a while.  I was also able to catch up with my 4 brothers (from other mothers) that I haven’t been in contact with for more than 30 years!  They are all doing well and it is just a blessing to be able to say that these guys, and their families, are my family as well.  It’s almost like going home until I realize that THAT home just doesn’t exist any longer.  In the past week I have remembered things that I thought were long forgotten, I’ve cried for lost dreams and rejoiced for all of the blessings that my sweet Lord has bestowed upon me and prayed to him for blessings of another.  Life is much too short to dwell on the things of the past and things that could have been.  Just keep going forward and live in Gods plan.  He will never lead you in the wrong direction.

That being said, here are the last of the layouts for the month of February.  Enjoy!




More Challenge Layouts

Here is a layout that I created for the Mini kit challenge at Gingerscraps.  I used the mini kit that was provided for the challenge.  Resolutions by Seatrout Scraps.


And… this layout was created for the first template challenge of the month.  The template was created by Dear Friends Designs and the kit is ‘With a Little Help From My Friends’ by Blue Heart Scraps.


I also created the first 365\52 layout of 2016 using the photos that I have taken for my 365 challenge.  Don’t forget that you can click on ‘galleries’ above and see all of the 365 challenge photos.


January Challenges and Layouts!

YES!  I finally got that photo gallery that I talked about in my last post!  If you look at the top of the screen you will see the link next to the “About Me” page….  GALLERY!  Exciting stuff this is!  For right now, I have only my Capture Your 365 gallery there but check back as I will be posting a new photo everyday!

On to a few of the layouts that I have created so far this month…..  Hello 2016!





Happy November!

Well October has come and gone.  I hope everyone had a great and safe Halloween.  It was rainy with thunderstorms here so not many trick or treaters out and about on a nasty night.  I was, however ready for them in my Minnie the Moo outfit! IMG_8952

My Grand-Daughter wasn’t impressed with the suit but that’s alright, it was all in fun and I can wear it as PJ’s any time I get ready when the cold of winter gets here!

Onward…. for November, Gingerscraps has their NEW November Buffet in the store.  Lots of awesome New kits for November in there to choose from.  Go check it out here.

I am creating layouts for TWO awesome Designers during the month of December and I have to be honest, I am about wore out! I am on Blue Heart Scraps permanent team and I am a Guest Member for Connie Prince for the month of November.  These two ladies ROCK with new kits coming out soon.  Which reminds me, PLEASE do not forget that DSD (Digital Scrapbook Day) is on the 7th of November so all of your favorite scrapbook sites will be all geared up for that event…which will cover both the 7th and the 8th, in most cases.

I have already been busy creating pages for the challenges at GingerScraps.  Here are a few that I have posted in the gallery.

This one is for my October Birthdays but I had to wait for the kit to be released in the store before I could post it here.  I created it for the Buffet Challenge.


This one was created for the Mini kit challenge which Blue Heart Scraps is hosting this month.  You can pick up this mini kit free in the forum to complete the challenge.  You are going to love this mini so much that you will want the full size kit!  You can pick it up Here. Hot Mess


Here’s one that I created with the full size kit to celebrate it’s release date!


This is one that I created for the Designer Spotlight Challenge.  This month we have three awesome designers in the spotlight!  Seatrout Scraps (aka Racheal), Dagi  of Dagi’s Temp-tations, and Ivonne of Craft-Tastrophic Designs.  This layout is created using all of Seatrout Scraps creations, including the template.


And last but not least is my signature for the November Signature Challenge.  This is created using Pumpkin Spice by Trixie Scraps and you can purchase it here.


Well, that wraps it up for today!  See ya next time!


My Grand-Daughter is in Theater (Drama) this year at school and they have really been putting on the skits and plays.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to go to any of them as they are usually performed during the day at school and my work load will not permit my taking off to go to see them.  I was fortunate enough for one of the other mothers to have taken some awesome photos of the skit that they performed this pas Thursday called “BOO”.  It is just one of 7 skits that they have performed during their SpookFeast!

I created this layout for the Font challenge at Gingerscraps with some of the photos that were taken.  I used “All Hallows Eve” by Ooh La La Scraps.