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Pillow Talk

With Valentines Day just around the corner, I thought this to be a cute play on words!  I am actually surprised that I thought of it!  Anyway, for this layout, I used a photo of this awesome fuzzy red heart that I gave Miss Abigail last year for Valentines Day.  I have this habit of taking pictures of things like this and thank goodness that I do!

The template I used is from the “Block On Template Collection” created by Blue Heart Scraps.  It can be found here and the kit is “Be Still My Heart” also by Blue Heart Scraps.  It can be found here.

Created by Jill and more….

First things first…

I am officially a stay at home Wife, Mother and Grandmother.  My last day on the job was February 8th.  I’m not sure what the financial aspect of that will bring but for now, it is just good to be at home and able to put more time into some of the things that I want to do around here and into my photography and scrapbook interest.

That being said…. I am very excited to say that I made it onto Jill’s Creative Team!  I am looking forward to creating layouts with all of her awesome digital kits and I hope that all of you will like them, love them and be inspired by them.

AND… you may be happy to see that I actually changed my blog header this morning.  While the November one was pretty, I was getting tired of looking at it too!  The new one is created with Jill’s “PS- I love you” kit and is available at Pickleberry Pop – Here.

This is one of the layouts that I created with that same kit.  Beautiful artsy kit but certainly does not have to be used that way as it is perfect for more traditional layouts as well.  This layout was created for the Font Challenge at PBP.  The font is “School Notes” and is available at DAfonts here:    As you can see, it is a very versatile font and can be used for more than just a school page.

Jill has a brand new kit that hit the store on Tuesday evening (02/07/2017).  The name of the kit is “Just Stay a Little Longer” and is geared toward empty nesters but can be used for SO many other wonderful things.  Here I have a layout using an empty bird nest that I found in one of the trees in my front yard.  You can pick up this kit at PBP here:

Blue Heart Scraps

JoyLynn has a new kit at Gingerscraps called “Be Still My Heart“.  A wonderful kit for Valentines Day, Anniversaries or just Love layouts in general. She really pulled out all of the stops on this one too.  Awesome papers and elements in this one.  One that I can really see myself using for many different things.  You can pick it up here at GS.

Seatrout Scraps

Stay tuned as Rachael has a new kit that will hit the stores at midnight tonight and I will be back with a layout using that new kit.

See you then!



July 2016

So, today is my birthday, July 2nd.  I actually was able to sleep in a little later this morning and while my husband was in town visiting his mother, he bought me a dozen cup cakes and a small cake to celebrate.  Then he and the kids took me out to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays.  Had a great time and the food was awesome.  Oh and also saw my mother today and shared my cup cakes with her too.  All in all, it was a great day and, thankfully, I do not feel a year older … tomorrow I might feel differently, so I will embrace it today!





Lagging a bit behind….again!

Yeah… I have managed to neglect my blog again.  I promised myself that I wasn’t going to do that, but, as usual, I got wrapped up in other things and neglected to make any new posts.  I guess that’s not such a bad thing though.  I have been to some sites, of people that I know, and they haven’t post anything in years!  I guess nearly one month isn’t as bad as I might have thought but it isn’t something that I would want to do all of the time.

So… I have myself this nifty little calendar thingy and I have it marked so that I will hopefully remember to post here more often. AND…since I have a new cell phone, maybe I can figure out how to get it to remind me.  The crazy thing does just about everything else!

Anyway, since my last visit we went on a mini vacation with the two oldest Grand kids.  I had never been to Memphis, so that’s where we went.  Now that I have been, I might venture back up that way again soon.  Nice place but it sure was hot while we were there.  We spent one whole day at the Zoo and one whole day at Graceland. We walked down Beal street and went to see the ducks at the Peabody Hotel while we were there too.  Had a great time, but my legs were ready to get back in that truck and head home!

And I just have to say this before I post some new layouts…. Kent went to Walmart and purchased a glass type cover for the front of my phone. I like to keep one on there in the rare chance that I might drop it.  I wouldn’t want to shatter the screen.  So, he comes home with it and goes to put it on my phone and ……. there is NOTHING in the box.  This makes me very angry.  My father hated a thief and I guess he taught me to be just like him.  I hate a thief… and a liar.  Those are the two biggest things that I just find it very hard to tolerate or deal with.  I have every intention of praying for the person that stole that cover and left the empty package for my husband to find… and purchase.  I hope that anyone that reads this will feel the need to do the same because that person needs lots of prayers.






Such a pretty Kitty…

This is one of my cats, Ms Echostorm.  She has been laid up in the house for the past two weeks and I think she is getting tired of being inside.  She hurt her back hip and after two visits to the Vet, it was determined that she has pulled one of the ligaments in her hind leg and she was having a very hard time getting around.  So we have had to make her stay in the house, which really has not been hard to do as she has not wanted to get up and run around.  After two weeks, she is starting to get up and move around a bit more that she had been.  I will take that as a good sign and hopefully, she will be able to get up and go outside in another week or two.

It has been nice having her in the house 24/7.  She is really a very sweet and loving Cat but as with all outside cats, they have a tendency to act and react a bit wild.  She isn’t that bad in that respect.  She is my husbands lap kitty along with the other one that has the run of the house when she is not around.  There might be a tad bit of jealousy there…haha.


Created with “That’s What You Said” by Blue Heart Scraps.  This kit is available as the daily download on the GingerScraps Blog all of the Month of May.

April Showers Bring May Flowers!

Well, I haven’t posted anything new since March, so here I am on this beautiful Saturday to bring my little space on the web back up to date.

OK, so for the month of April I have been rather busy. I vied for a Guest Spot on SeaTrout Scraps creative team for the month of April and got it!  I also was asked to Guest for Connie Prince again this month…Both of these, along with my regular spot on Blue Heart Scraps creative team have kept me hopping!  Let me just say that being on the creative team of either one of these three ladies is a dream come true for me!  I just love all three of them!  Back when I was on the DSP site creative team, I thought that was the best place in the world to be, and it was, then.  But it was a bit restrictive.  I feel like a whole new world has been opened up to me and right now, GingerScraps is the best place in the world to be!

So here are some of the layouts that I have been creating for the month of April.  This is not all of them as some that I have are for kits that have yet to be released in the store.

Blue Heart Scraps



SeaTrout Scraps – selling at GingerScraps and Gotta Pixel





Connie Prince – selling at GingerScraps and Gotta Pixel





I will have some more that will be posted next week some time.  Here are a few that I created for the challenges at GingerScraps.




So, if you you are looking for some awesome inspiration to get some scrapbook pages done, head on over to GingerScraps and check out the challenges there!