May 2017

Happy May Day everyone!  I was just surfing around the web a bit and I landed at PDW, which I do about 20+ times a day.  I thought I might look in the gallery and make a few comments on some of the gorgeous layouts there and then take a peek at some of the comments that have been made on some of my own layouts.  Well, I was totally surprised to see that one of my layouts has been nominated for GSO (gallery stand out)!  What a warm and welcome surprise that was!  This is the layout…

This is one that I created with “Plum Crazy About You”.  So, Thank you, Mary for nominating my layout for April GSO!

Now, I am looking at some of the other layouts and the comments that have been made and a comment on this layout catches my eye.  I created this layout for the “One Little Word” challenge for April and posted it yesterday.  Yes, I was cutting it close!

So, the comment tells me what a nice photo this is  but then I am asked, “Is that a photo of your own Bible?”.  I wasn’t sure what to think and I have no way of answering her question except to send her a private message, which I have decided not to do.  I will, however, answer the question here… No, it is not a photo of my own Bible.  The photo came from Pixels and is royalty free.  I chose to use this photo because, well, it just fit.

I do, however, have a Bible.  As a mater of fact, I have several and I do turn to them at least once a day for support and encouragement in whatever I am doing or plan to do.  There is one that I am most fond of and it is the one that I usually pick up as it is on the desk right here beside me.  THIS is a photo of that Bible.

So, why am I posting this?  I WANT everyone to know that I am a Christian.  I am NOT ashamed of who I am or what I am.  I also want you all to know that it doesn’t matter that it was not a photo of MY OWN bible.  What matters is that I wasn’t ashamed to create a layout of a Bible and post it.


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