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Scrap Your Faith – NEW at PDW!

**New** in the store at PDW is what I hope is the first in a series of Scrap Your Faith kits.  This one is Up Words.  Up Words is all about scrapping about those times that someone lifted you up or made your day with just a kind word or deed.  It is also about doing the same for others, Paying it forward.  Let every word you say Speak Life.  Be unashamed and Scrap Your Faith.  Available at Plain Digital Wrapper.



**NEW** in my stores this week!

“Violets Are Blue Sometimes”  is now available in the store at Plain Digital Wrapper and will be available at My Memories on Friday!  I am so excited to bring you all this beautiful kit.  I extracted all of the violets myself and it is just a beautiful kit that will work well with just about anything! On SALE at 50% off the regular price until May 19th!

Here are just a few of the layouts that have been created with this kit!

May 2017

Happy May Day everyone!  I was just surfing around the web a bit and I landed at PDW, which I do about 20+ times a day.  I thought I might look in the gallery and make a few comments on some of the gorgeous layouts there and then take a peek at some of the comments that have been made on some of my own layouts.  Well, I was totally surprised to see that one of my layouts has been nominated for GSO (gallery stand out)!  What a warm and welcome surprise that was!  This is the layout…

This is one that I created with “Plum Crazy About You”.  So, Thank you, Mary for nominating my layout for April GSO!

Now, I am looking at some of the other layouts and the comments that have been made and a comment on this layout catches my eye.  I created this layout for the “One Little Word” challenge for April and posted it yesterday.  Yes, I was cutting it close!

So, the comment tells me what a nice photo this is  but then I am asked, “Is that a photo of your own Bible?”.  I wasn’t sure what to think and I have no way of answering her question except to send her a private message, which I have decided not to do.  I will, however, answer the question here… No, it is not a photo of my own Bible.  The photo came from Pixels and is royalty free.  I chose to use this photo because, well, it just fit.

I do, however, have a Bible.  As a mater of fact, I have several and I do turn to them at least once a day for support and encouragement in whatever I am doing or plan to do.  There is one that I am most fond of and it is the one that I usually pick up as it is on the desk right here beside me.  THIS is a photo of that Bible.

So, why am I posting this?  I WANT everyone to know that I am a Christian.  I am NOT ashamed of who I am or what I am.  I also want you all to know that it doesn’t matter that it was not a photo of MY OWN bible.  What matters is that I wasn’t ashamed to create a layout of a Bible and post it.