Pickleberry Pops!

I am an avid scrapbooker – digital scrapbooker – so many of the pages on FB that I Like and people that I follow are friends that I have made in the scrapbook world.  Every where I go on FB these days, I see Pickleberry Pop which is a scrapbook community in digi land that is the home of many wonderful digital artist and designers.  So I ask myself, Why haven’t I been there yet? I cannot answer the question.  Hmmm.

As luck would have it, there is a designer that I am very familiar with from another scrapbook community having a Guest CT Call.  Her name is Jill and she goes by “Created by Jill”.  Well, other than The Digi Chick Community, guess where else she sells her sprapbook/artistic kits?  Yep, Pickleberry Pop!  This excites me!   So I start really thinking about this….  Can I really afford to put myself out there for yet another creative team?  I mean, I am on two other creative teams, which I love dearly, but I also work a full time job and have my two oldest Grandchildren here most of the time.  With all of this going on, will I be able to meet her requirements and add something of value to her team?  It is a two month guest spot with the option at the end of the two months to stay on permanently, IF she likes my work and I am a FIT with her other team members.  So, Heck yeah!  I created my layout and submitted it to her.  I came to terms with it in this way…  Two months is not a long time but it is long enough to get a feel for working with her and the rest of her team and also her kits, I already have several of them.  I would also be able to continue posting my layouts and doing some of the challenges at The Digi Chick because she sells there, as well as, get my foot in the door at Pickleberry Pop! And PBP has some great challenges too!

OK… so why am I so hooked on the name Pickleberry Pop?  My Grand Daughter, Alana is an avid Pickle lover.  This girl goes through Pickles like I go through a bag of Lays potato chips.  Yeah, it’s that bad!  She also loves putting the pickle juice in the freezer to make POPS!  So it only stands to reason that I should be at Pickleberry Pop! AND, I just love the name.  It is really very catchy.

Anyway, wish me luck!   ACK!  I almost forgot the layouts!  Here are all of the layouts that I have created to date with Jill’s’ awesome kits.

This is the layout that I created and sent to her for the CT Call.  This kit is “This Year I Will” and is wonderful.  You can find it here.

This is one of the first layouts that I created using one of Jill’s kits.  This kit is called “It’s a PJ Kind of Day”.  You can find it here.

Here’s one using her kit “Just Relax”.  Find it here.

This one is created with “The World is Your Oyster” and can be found here.  I also giggle at the names of some the kits that she has, but they are so much fun!

Here’s one with “Sunday Morning”.  I just adore this kit. The colors are awesome and there is just so much more to see that what you see in this layout.  You can find this one here.

Ok, and lets not forget the Christmas Kit!  Every great designer has an awesome Christmas Kit.  “Hello Christmas” is no exception!  You can find it here.

So there you have it.  I also have two other kits created by Jill that I have not had the opportunity to use just yet but I will.  Oh yes, I will!

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