30 Days of Thankful Layouts … Cont.

So, I am continuing my countdown of 30 Days of Thankful,,,I am running behind but it’s all good, no worries!

#3  Thankful for my special Kitties.  Spider has been with us for 11 years.  He is fat and still sassy.  He loves to curl up in Kents lap while watching TV in the evenings and he enjoys just hanging out in the back yard on the deck by the pool.  He loves our other cat, Echo and likes to cuddle with her when she decides to come inside for the night.


Echo Was a stray cat that we acquired about 5 years ago.  She is so sweet and petite.  I am almost afraid to pick her up sometime because she is so petite.  Echo is usually an outside cat but she had an accident back in the year and now walks on a very shaky back leg.  Since the accident, she has been staying inside more and has bonded more with Spider.  They make the cutest couple!


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