November – 30 Days of Thankful

Ahhh…November is a wonderful time of the year!  Feel that crisp cool air?  Smell that rustic pumpkin, falling leaves kind of smell?  Take it all in and just breathe.

I was recently posed with a challenge for the month of November and while I am a bit late at starting it, I am making a promise to myself to, at least, try to keep it as best that I am able.  The challenge… 30 Days of Thankful.  This challenge is to post something that I am thankful for everyday for 30 days.  I am changing it up a bit though and it actually makes it a bit more challenging for me.  I plan to post a layout about the things that I am thankful for.  I only hope that I can come up with a photo that best describes exactly what that is!

As I said, I am a bit behind, but I hope to catch up and if not….I’ll get them all in here as I can.  These are not in any particular order….

#1   I am Thankful for PUMPKINS!  Not just the pumpkins but more of what they represent…Autumn, cooler weather and , of course, pumpkin pie!


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