Such a pretty Kitty…

This is one of my cats, Ms Echostorm.  She has been laid up in the house for the past two weeks and I think she is getting tired of being inside.  She hurt her back hip and after two visits to the Vet, it was determined that she has pulled one of the ligaments in her hind leg and she was having a very hard time getting around.  So we have had to make her stay in the house, which really has not been hard to do as she has not wanted to get up and run around.  After two weeks, she is starting to get up and move around a bit more that she had been.  I will take that as a good sign and hopefully, she will be able to get up and go outside in another week or two.

It has been nice having her in the house 24/7.  She is really a very sweet and loving Cat but as with all outside cats, they have a tendency to act and react a bit wild.  She isn’t that bad in that respect.  She is my husbands lap kitty along with the other one that has the run of the house when she is not around.  There might be a tad bit of jealousy there…haha.


Created with “That’s What You Said” by Blue Heart Scraps.  This kit is available as the daily download on the GingerScraps Blog all of the Month of May.

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