Bittersweet memories

Some of you that visit here may remember that I used to create my own Digital Scrapbook Kits.  I mention this because I recently dove into some of my older files and found what I like to call “Treasured Finds”. 10 years ago, I created and sold for a site called 3 Scrapateers.  Sadly, this site no longer exists but was sold to the owners of what is now My Memories.  Back in the spring of 2014, I got a wild hair and decided to create a few things again and began selling at My Memories for a short time.  When I didn’t feel right selling there I moved over with a few friends to ScrapBird.  Needless to say, that didn’t last long either.  I eventually left ScrapBird and stopped creating kits completely. But my love for Scrapbooking still lives on in the layouts that I create and post on the GingerScraps site.

So, I found this little something and I decided to post it here as a FREEBIE for all who wish to have it and hopefully find a use for it on a scrapbook page somewhere.  If you like it, just grab it at the link below but PLEASE, PLEASE do not share the link with others.  If you know someone that may wish to have it just send them here so that they can grab it for themselves.

These are word fobs that I created with one of the kits I made called “Whisper Softly”.  They are created at 300 dpi and are in .png format.  I hope that you will enjoy them and leave a comment to say as much!  Sorry, you missed the freebie!


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