Daily Archives: March 6, 2016


Today was such a beautiful day!  I was actually able to get out in the yard and take some photos.  My plum trees are blooming out and some of the Azalea bushes are beginning to bloom.  Well, I only have one that actually blooms out but my brothers Azalea  bushes are the most beautiful in March and April. They line the front and sides of his yard (he lives next door to me) and I can look out the window and see the yard just bursting with color.  It is truly beautiful when they are all in bloom at the same time.  Here are a few that I gor shots of today, including the plum tree blossoms.





Another month has come and gone!

Another month has come and gone… February was good to me.  I was able to chat with some friends on Skype that I had not talked to in several months.  It’s always nice to catch up with friends you haven’t heard from in a while.  I was also able to catch up with my 4 brothers (from other mothers) that I haven’t been in contact with for more than 30 years!  They are all doing well and it is just a blessing to be able to say that these guys, and their families, are my family as well.  It’s almost like going home until I realize that THAT home just doesn’t exist any longer.  In the past week I have remembered things that I thought were long forgotten, I’ve cried for lost dreams and rejoiced for all of the blessings that my sweet Lord has bestowed upon me and prayed to him for blessings of another.  Life is much too short to dwell on the things of the past and things that could have been.  Just keep going forward and live in Gods plan.  He will never lead you in the wrong direction.

That being said, here are the last of the layouts for the month of February.  Enjoy!