Christmas is coming….

…much faster than you think!  I spent most of my Saturday shopping in the mall with my two oldest Grand children and my mother.  I know now what it truely means to be “Older”.  My grand kids could pull an all day shopping spree with mo problem, but I found myself getting slower and slower as the day went on.  My poor mother was doing all she could to just keep up!  I was so glad to get home with all of my Christmas goodies and then realized that I had to wrap them all!  All of this for 5 minutes of Christmas morning bliss!  We are all certifiably CRAZY!!!

After all of that, I spent another three hours in Walmart today finishing up!  I am officially finished with all of my Christmas Shopping. I am also proud to say that my two Grand Children are completely finished with theirs as well.  It took me about 6 weeks to get finished…they started and finished in two days!

That being said, here are a few layouts that I managed to get completed this week.





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