Birthdays in September!!!

So, here is something that I REALLY want to start doing…  Creating a layout for all of my loved ones who have Birthdays during the month!  I am the worst procrastinator of them all…but I will give it a try!  Forgive in advance the fact that I will not post the actual dates of these birthdays.  Believe me, there is a very good reason…this is the WEB after all!

Abbeygail… Turned TWO   Created with 100% Girl by Seatrout Scraps.


Dennis… turned 4   Created with You’ve Got Male by Blue Heart Scraps.


There is one more birthday that was celebrated in the month of September that I must mention.  My only brother, Danny, celebrated his birthday this month as well.  I will not be posting a pic of my brother as he has requested that I do not post any pics of him on the web.  I will honor that request.

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