I don’t need a template….

Why is it that some people think they need a template to create a great layout?  Why is it that when some designers see a beautiful layout, they automatically think that a template must have been used.  Some of us “Layout Artists” actually do know how to create a layout without using a template! I have been digital scrapbooking for 10 years and I have used the same program, or a newer version of it, for the past 9 years.  Please do not discredit my intelligence by thinking that I actually need a template to create a beautiful layout. Yes, I use a lot of templates, but I use them as a convenience and most of the time, you will find, that the finished layout actually looks nothing like the template anyway.

Templates are meant to be used as a foundation for a layout, much like any sketch would be used.  When you see a layout that you really like and decide to “Lift” it, you don’t use a template.  You create your layout based on the “idea” of the layout you are lifting. The end result may or may not look like the original, but there is no “template” involved.

Here are a few layouts that needed NO TEMPLATE, just the will to create something beautiful from an idea or a layout that I  had seen before. A few of these have previously been posted in this blog.






Jackson Square



Dew Drops

Gods Canvas

Megan's Bay


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