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I don’t need a template….

Why is it that some people think they need a template to create a great layout?  Why is it that when some designers see a beautiful layout, they automatically think that a template must have been used.  Some of us “Layout Artists” actually do know how to create a layout without using a template! I have been digital scrapbooking for 10 years and I have used the same program, or a newer version of it, for the past 9 years.  Please do not discredit my intelligence by thinking that I actually need a template to create a beautiful layout. Yes, I use a lot of templates, but I use them as a convenience and most of the time, you will find, that the finished layout actually looks nothing like the template anyway.

Templates are meant to be used as a foundation for a layout, much like any sketch would be used.  When you see a layout that you really like and decide to “Lift” it, you don’t use a template.  You create your layout based on the “idea” of the layout you are lifting. The end result may or may not look like the original, but there is no “template” involved.

Here are a few layouts that needed NO TEMPLATE, just the will to create something beautiful from an idea or a layout that I  had seen before. A few of these have previously been posted in this blog.






Jackson Square



Dew Drops

Gods Canvas

Megan's Bay


Sketch revisited

This must be the month for revisiting older layouts.  Here’s one that is dear to me.  I was thumbing through an older Simple Scrapbooks magazine one day and saw a layout that really moved me.  I decided to take one of the photos from a recent vacation with the Grandkids and see if I could recreate the layout on my own with out a template of any kind.  The layout won “Layout of the Day” at DSP.  Here it is…from February 2012…


I decided that I wanted to create this same layout in a different way, and because I love it so much, I created my own template so that I could use it again. Here is my new layout using a photo from a now more recent vacation with the Grandkids!   I used “Waters Edge” by Seatrout Scraps to create this one.



Today is Voting Day!

Today is voting day at GingerScraps to determine who is going on to round 5 in the Survivor Challenge!  I have a pretty good idea which layouts I will be voting for but I am waiting to lock that in as not everyone has uploaded their layouts.  I want to be sure about my vote!  There are so many wonderful layouts in the gallery this week!  Not an easy decision when I can only choose 4 and 2 Staff layouts!

Anyway, here is the layout that I submitted this week!


Flashback Sunday!

Happy Sunday everyone!  As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been going through some of my older layouts and attempting to recreate them with different photos or different kits.  Here is another one that I ran across that I just love.  I originally posted this one in March of 2013 in the gallery at DSP.  The kit was by Lauren Bavin but the name of it escapes me at the moment.


Here is my remake!  For this one, I used a kit by Seatrout Scraps called 100% Positive and you can pick it up HERE in the store at GingerScraps.



I have been going back through some of my older layouts and reliving the time that I spent creating them, trying to figure out exactly which kit I used and where it came form. From time to time I will run across one that I want to recreate.  Perhaps with a different photo and a different kit.  This is one of them.

I created this layout while at DSP for one of Lauren’s scraplift challenges.  I used her kit “Raspberry Lane” and this layout was voted as layout of the day in August of 2011.


i decided to take the same photo and recreate the layout using a different kit and change it up just a little bit.  This is the layout that I came up with.  I used “Summer Meadow” by Key Lime Digi Designs and Clever Monkey Designs.  It is new in the store at GingerScraps this week!  You can purchase it here.


The suspense is killin’ me!

I am sitting here looking through the gallery at GingerScraps as I am updating this blog and I am seeing some of the most creative layouts that I have seen in quite some time!  I finished my layout and posted it in the gallery last night, now I am just waiting to be able to vote and find out who is going on to round 4!  The suspense is killing me!  It always does!  This is the worst part of being in a contest like this.   I have to choose only 6 layouts  to vote for and it is the hardest decision to make.  They are all so wonderful!  I had immunity last week and was safe, but this week, I am not safe!  I did my best and pulled this one out of my hat!  Wish me luck!


Blue Bird Mix and Match!

If you are up for a challenge, I have a new challenge going on right now at ScrapBird!  It is the Blue Bird Mix and Match Challenge!  All you need to do is purchase any two items found in the BlueBird Mix and Match section of the store HERE,  then create a layout using both of those items and post it in the gallery at Scrapbird.  For full details of the challenge go to this thread at Scrapbird.  Here is one of the layouts I created using the matching pieces…  I hope to see you all there!


Summer is almost over!!!

I can’t believe that summer is almost over and it is already time for the kids to go back to school!  We have has an awesome summer and I truely hate to see it end.  Here in the South, the hottest time of the year is in August though, so the swim suit is not taking a break just yet!

Some very interesting things are happening in the digi world.  I won a spot on the DET at Scrapbird and I am really excited about that.  August is my first official month and I am working like crazy to get some layouts completed for those lovely ladies over there.  But alas, as with all things, real life has a tendency to get in the way…at least once a week!

I have also entered the Scrapping Survivor contest at GingerScraps.  It has turned out to be one of the best things that I could have done.  I have made it through to round three and now I am just waiting to vote on Monday.  The votes will determine who goes on to round 4.  I have my fingers crossed!

OK… so here are a few of my DET layouts that I have posted.  These first two are created with “The men in my life” by Myst Designs.  A wonderful kit for men and boys.  You can find it here.



These next two layouts are created with “Retro Kitchen” by Country Liv Graphics.  This awesome kit is available at Scrapbird HERE.  ENJOY!