A prefect weekend for renewal!

Welcome to my little place on the web!  As I tried to go to sleep last night, well, it was actually 3 AM, I was frustrated and stressed.  This morning, I am refreshed and renewed and ready to get this thing started.  If you know me on FB, then you will understand what I am talking about.  If you do not, the short version is that I have had to totally switch gears with my Blog and you are looking at the NEW blog.  My old blog at Blogger is still there but, sadly, I will no longer be posting on that blog.  Please bare with me as I set up my new home and get things decorated!

Welcome to Carla’s Treasures.  I hope that you will visit often to see what I am up to in the digital scrapbook world. Please be sure to add me to your favorites!

Today, I am all about the EGGS.  Yes, eggs but not white ones!  It’s Easter weekend so get those eggs colored!  I have mine colored and ready to go.  My only problem is that I hate cracking them when they look so pretty and colorful!  Well, we don’t want to waste them so my Son and Grand-Daughter might get lucky tomorrow and find some deviled ones waiting on them!


Have a Happy and Safe Easter.  Beautiful eggs are fun but always remember the true meaning of this blessed day.


One thought on “A prefect weekend for renewal!

  1. Hi Carla; I appreciate the task you are undertaking in starting a blog. I have one; but it seldom gets attention. I resolve repeatedly to get back to it, but frankly wonder if it is in fact worth doing. I will be keeping an eye on your progress and see if it is helpful to the cause (Ms. Kimmi’s cause, that it!) LOL!
    I like what you have done so far.

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