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Then and Now

I love looking back through some of the older scrapbook pages that I have created and comparing how far I have progressed as a scrapbooker or layout artist.  What really amazes me is how much some of the people in those photos have changed, even in just a year or two!   I was inspired by one of my layouts to create another with the exact same sketch/template but with a different kit and a newer photo..thus “Then and Now”.

Here is the “Then” layout of my Grand Daughter.  I created this layout for a contest in August of 2013.


Here is the “Now” layout!  What a beautiful young lady she has turned out to be!


Wow! What a difference!

I encourage anyone that actually sees this and reads it to do the same!  You might be pleasantly surprised at what you will find!

White Space

I have been doing some reading on page design and searching the internet for articles.. well, at least I am trying to keep myself informed on what is going on in the digital scrapping world.  Sometimes I become so involved with creating my layouts the way I always have that I forget there are always new ideas and new trends out there to be tried.

I am a template girl.  I LOVE templates and most all of my layouts are created using a template or using the framework of a template that I either have in my stash or have seen. OK, so I have a fetish for templates…there are worse things to be addicted to, right?

One of the challenges that I came across at one of the sites that I frequent is a “White Space” challenge.  Simply create a layout using the rule of thirds to create a layout with white(or blank) space.  Easy enough for me.  I’ve been doing this sort of thing for 10 years!  NOT!  Try as I might, I could not get away from wanting to fill my space with ….something. I honestly had to laugh at myself over this one.  I finally managed to create two layouts with white space.

But, through it all I realized something and it is something that everyone needs to remember when creating a layout for a challenge that you will post to a gallery or for just creating a layout for yourself.  When it comes to rules….THERE ARE NO RULES!   i love what Torrey Scott and Jodi Amidei say in their book Out Of Bounds about this, “think of design rules as merely a suggestion and suggestions are optional.”  YOU are the only person that you have to please.




These are photos that I took today of some of the roses that are on my rose bush in the front yard.  This time of the year, this rose bush is loaded with blooms and buds and it is just gorgeous.

I am not a big fan of blocked templates, but I have used quite a few lately, as you can see in some of my previous posts.  These Day by Day Templates that Dagi has created are wonderful for layouts like this one!  These are new in the store at GingerScraps this week and you can find them HERE.


Psalm 19:1

This photo, that was taken on our cruise in October, deserved a layout all of it’s own. The Bible Quote that I used here came in an e-mail to me from K-Love.  (You can get quotes just like this one daily from K-Love.  All you have to do is go to and sign up for the daily quotes).

I used another of Dagi’s Templates for this one and a NEW kit created by Lindsay Jane called, “New Direction”.  You will find the kit HERE at GingerScraps. You will also find Dagi’s templates HERE at GingerScraps as well.


New Templates by Dagi’s Temp-tations!

I have been waiting for the right templates in order to scrap some photos that I took of my two oldest Grand Kids while on vacation back in October.  I figure that I’d better get them scrapped since we are about to embark on yet another journey with the two of them in June!  Dagi came through for me and I was able to get these two pages completed with her new templates, “Day to Day #4”!  These awesome templates are great for 365/52 photos or for photo groups that you might be waiting to scrap.  You can find them HERE in the store at GingerScraps.



We go together like…..

Um… I can think of quite a few things that could be put with this saying.  I used Peanut Butter and Jelly because it is MY personal favorite.  Another would have been Toast and Jam from the movie The Sound of Music. (celebrating 50 years this month!)


This one was created for the Wrapping in Color challenge at PDW and I used an awesome kit by Kimberly Stewart called Maybe. 

Sketchabilities sketch #137

Sketchabilities second sketch for April is another super sketch.  I was actually surprised how similar this one is to the first one posted previously.   For this one I used another beautiful kit by Ooh La La scraps called Shabby Chic. (click on the name of the kit to be taken to the store at GS) This one I simply named Oh So Chic.  It just fits my Grand-Daughter so well.


I hope you enjoy what I have done with the Sketch.  Please feel free to leave a comment.

This is the sketch we are using for this contest…


Thank you so much for checking in!

What’s New for this week…

Wow!  It has been a really busy week and very stressful.  If others would do the jobs that they are supposed to do, it sure would make my stress level job a few notches at work.  That being said, here are a few layouts that I have worked on over the past few days.

This one is just really funny to me and I need something funny right now!  We have had quite a bit of rain over the past few days.  Almost 7 inches.  All of the rain made me think of these photos that I took of my son, Greg and my Grandson, Taylor one rainy day when they decided to take the shovel and clean out the ditch so that the water would run off a bit better.

What makes these so funny to me is that when I looked out the window, i wasn’t expecting to see two rather large Bananas in the yard with the shovel!  Cute stuff and just shows you how warped my mind can be from time to time!



Here’s another one of Koda.  I just love the humor in this one.  I was using the sport setting on my camera because this dog is hyper and somewhat of a clown.  I didn’t get a chance to look at the pics until after  I downloaded them.  These two photos were side by side as they are here and just seemed so funny to me!

“Look Mom!  I can touch my nose with my tongue!”  and then that big grin afterwards.  Too cute!